I have decided to write a daily journal entry with various things I’m trying to pursue. This is mostly for accountability, if not entirely. I am partially hoping this will help improve my written communication skills and serve as therapy as well.

Coding has always been a hobby I’ve dabbled in but never fully pursued. I’d love to make a career out of it. I have many interests in IT/Computer Science and the probably is not being able to narrow it down. As a 35 year old, I feel the pressure to just get in and do something. So I am focusing on Javascript

I’ve already dabbled some in JS in the past, as well as Python, PHP, HTML, CSS and some SQL. Tried a couple of MVC tutorials (cakephp, flask for python) but not enough to feel like I can execute on my own. The goal here is to narrow it down and keep it consist. SMART goals if you will. So I am dedicating to1 hour a day of javascript work Monday through Friday, for starters. This will be documenting that journey.